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Dragonfly Shears

Built for Success

Dragonfly Shears are the product of the most advanced technology combined with a tradition of fine handmade craftsmanship. They have been manufactured under full quality control and have successfully passed a series of rigid tests to ensure that they satisfy your high requirements for cutting quality, sharpness, and comfort.


Shears that Endure

High Performance

Highest quality Japanese steel Double hollow ground blades that are honed to razor sharpness A smooth satin ride Adjustable tension dial or self-adjusting tension screw Finger hole inserts A protective case

​Today Dragonfly scissors are used, loved and recommended by hair stylists across North America.  The brand has become synonymous with quality and exceptional value.   Dragonfly Shears builds customers for life. The high quality and stylish design of Dragonfly Scissors has created a loyal user following base. Our customers like our products so much that some even tattoo them on their bodies.  

In 2015, Dragonfly changed their logo to an actual Dragonfly. Acquiring a more elegant and stylish look,  a shear like a dragonfly is an element that stands out, has multiple meanings, is a symbol of strength, passion and a messenger of change. Since 2007 Dragonfly has delivered the utmost quality in manufacturing and exemplary customer service. Even with our exponential growth year over year, Dragonfly Shears has never jeopardized quality or customer service. Dragonfly promises to always maintain the integrity of our products and continue to provide exceptional customer service. Your precious scissors will only be serviced by DragonFly Sharpening Systems and handled with extreme care.

Product Feature


"Using Dragonfly Shears has been a pleasure and a much needed rest from my previous not so ergonomic shears"


Dragonfly Sharpening

We Sharpen!

By award Winning Sharpening Master John Toscano. 32 years in the sharpening industry. Trained 13 successful sharpeners. Send in your shears for sharpening to ensure maximum performance.



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